Sea Cargo

Today, sea transport is actively used by mankind long before the invention of other popular modes of transportation. This type of transport has long been dominant in the world and has been an independent means of transporting goods over long distances. Today, the international marine transportation of goods is often the part of the multimodal transport with other modes of transport (road or rail). And, although it was invented the faster and more versatile modes of transport, the international transport by sea do not lose it’s popularity, because of it is the most economical profitable.

We are pleased to offer you a full range of services for the organization of multimodal transport: sea cargo, river transportation of goods, including the organization of sea / river freight, port forwarding services, customs clearance and transit, as well as the subsequent delivery of freight transport modes – auto, rail and air.

Services to arrange delivery of your cargo by sea and river transport are:

  •  Import, export, transit dispatch.
  • Organization of freight in containers of various types, including 20 ‘/ 40’ Dry Van, High Cube, Open Top, Flat Rack, Tank, REF, 45 ‘HC, etc.
  • Arranging freight for cargoes such as oversized, project cargoes.
  • Port operation, including loading and unloading a ship.
  • Full forwarding service.
  • Formulation of all necessary documents for the transportation.