Railway Cargo

For a range of cargo transport by rail is the best and most convenient mode of transportation. First of all, it concerns cases of movement of goods and passengers over long distances. Especially it is popular the railway transport for transportation of vehicles.

Transportation by rail is:

  • High carrying capacity.
  • Efficiency of freight over long distances.
  • Relatively high rates.
  • All-weather capability.
  • Safety and security.
  • Low cost of transportation.

As part of its activities, CronaTrans Company carries mixed, combined and intermodal, international railway cargo, delivery trucks and terminal handling and forwarding of export-import and transit cargo.

CronaTrans Company provides you with rail services at a high level and at the most competitive rates. You will be able to profitably combine the rail and road cargo, for maximum effect.

We set and solve strategic tasks for the development of qualitatively new complexes of services. It is increased the analytical, informational and technical support of the transportation process. The company is actively working to find new partners in order to update and expand the range of services offered.

Providing customers the full range of logistics services, CronaTrans is primarily focuses on the quality of services and partnership relationships with our customers. This approach allows us to understand the clients needs and offer the best solution for his tasks.